Rightly held that no personal data was found within the files

Zeeland-West Brabant District Court March 03, 2023, IT 4234; ECLI:NL:RBZWB:2023:1459 (Claimant v. Minister of Defense) Administrative Law. The plaintiff filed a request for access to his personal data within the reports of the Land Information Manoevere Centre (LIMC) and similar files. The Minister considered the request under the AVG and concluded that no personal data of the claimant was found within the said files. The court ruled that the minister was justified in limiting the request and that the investigation was carefully conducted. The plaintiff must explicitly request access to his personal data in other files. The claimant's appeal was declared unfounded.4.1. Although the claimant submitted his request for information as a WOB request, the minister handled that request under the AVG. Upon receipt of the request, the Minister made the same known to the claimant, who did not object