Facial recognition: the CNIL decided to impose an overdue penalty payment on Clearview AI

      Background information

CLEARVIEW AI collects photographs from a wide range of websites, including social networks, and sells access to its database of images of people through a search engine in which an individual can be searched using a photograph. The company offers this service to law enforcement authorities. Facial recognition technology is used to query the search engine and find an individual based on its photograph. In a decision of 17 October 2022, the restricted committee – the CNIL body responsible for issuing sanctions – imposed a fine of 20 million euros and ordered the company not to collect and process data on individuals located in France without any legal basis, and to delete the data of these individuals, after responding to requests for access it received. The restricted committee also decided that if the company didn't comply with the order within two months, it must pay a penalty of 100,000 euros per day overdue. The overdue penalty payment CLEARVI