Employee monitoring: CNIL fined AMAZON FRANCE LOGISTIQUE €32 million

Employee monitoring: CNIL fined AMAZON FRANCE LOGISTIQUE €32 million

The essentials

AMAZON FRANCE LOGISTIQUE manages the AMAZON group's large warehouses in France, where it receives and stores items and then prepares parcels for delivery to customers. As part of its activities, each warehouse employee is given a scanner to document the performance of certain tasks assigned to them in real time (storage or removal of an item from the shelves, putting away or packing, etc.).

Each scan carried out by employees results in recording of data, which is stored and used to calculate indicators providing information on the quality, productivity and periods of inactivity of each employee.

Following press articles about practices of the company in its warehouses, the CNIL carried out several investigations. It also received several complaints from employees.

The CNIL considered that the system for monitoring employee activity and performance was excessive, in particular for the following reasons:

Indicators tracking the inactivity time of employees' scanners w