Artificial intelligence: the action plan of the CNIL

The main thing is:

The CNIL has been undertaking work for several years to anticipate and respond to the issues raised by AI. In 2023, it will extend its action on augmented cameras and wishes to expand its work to generative AIs, large language models and derived applications (especially chatbots). Its action plan is structured around four strands:

to understand the functioning of AI systems and their impact on people; enabling and guiding the development of privacy-friendly AI; federate and support innovative players in the AI ecosystem in France and Europe; audit and control AI systems and protect people.

This work will also make it possible to prepare for the entry into application of the draft European AI Regulation, which is currently under discussion.

The protection of personal data, a fundamental challenge in the development of AI The development of AI is accompanied by challenges in the field of data protection and individual freedoms that the CNIL has